Our digital messaging always generates a certain poignancy to engage the widest audience or segment that will stop, notice, ask and respond. Buying paid social media is not easily understood; it is complicated but can be very effective, and is truly affordable. B2B clients can use it to generate leads. B2C marketers can develop new geographies and engage consumers much like traditional broadcast. We can prove ROI across diverse industries based on the sales and “take” we achieved.

Proof a highly-targeted small audience did what we wanted.

This is class marketing. Achieved 17% "Take" at campaign end.

FaceBook Marketing

Below is a mosaic of thousands of social posts on a client website we produced.

This is mass marketing. 6% "Take."


For a variety of marketing initiatives for AT&T we developed (programmed) and designed microsites that are very affordable. These sites are where your prospects or consumers activate in a click at the moment they view the paid social post. It is the way to go and where you will realize this stuff works very well.

NY Yankees Train

We do non-baseball content. It is surprisingly popular and the high number of shares and views speak for themselves (10%+).


Whether you needed a private plane, a refuel, or catering, this app we produced helped coordinate all these logistics. In addition to the app, our creative and marketing efforts helped present Exxon Mobil’s Avitat Westchester, just one of the FBOs served, as a more attractive acquisition target.